Benefits of a Central Humidifier

Many Northern Virginia homes can benefit from the installation of a central humidifier. This raises the humidity in the home and can help people avoid the discomfort of dry eyes, nasal passages and skin, especially in the winter. According to medical experts, dry nasal passages and mucous membranes make it easier for cold and flu viruses to get into your system. A humidifier that puts some moisture into the air can actually reduce your risk of these types of illnesses.

Dry air in a home can contribute to the build-up of static electricity and woodwork that starts to fade, crack and split. A home that’s too dry can also raise your energy bills by making your heating system work too hard. Drier air naturally feels cooler, so you might compensate by turning up the thermostat when a humidifier would actually allow the whole house to feel warmer for much less.

Humidifier Installation

AbleAir-1 can handle central humidifier installation to help your home feel more comfortable. Not only will you save energy on lower heating bills, you can stay more comfortable in the winter time and even reduce your risk of catching a cold or flu. Our experienced technicians can match your heating system with the right humidifier and install it quickly and easily.

The Right Humidifier for Your HVAC System

The technicians at AbleAir-1 can look at your HVAC system to determine the right humidifier for your home, and they can also provide heating repair and service for you system to make sure it’s running efficiently. We can provide heating service installation as well as HVAC maintenance service agreements to help you afford the maintenance that can save you money on energy bills and emergency repairs.

If you need a new system and you get it installed before the end of 2011, you can even get up to $500 in tax credits through the government’s Energy Tax Credit program. Let us help you evaluate your HVAC system and your humidifier needs.

If you’re in the Northern Virginia area, contact AbleAir-1 today at (703) 996-8680 and ask about our heating service and central humidifier installations so you can have a more comfortable winter season.

Installation of AbleAir-1 Central Humidifiers are available for the following Northern Virginia cities: Arlington, Fairfax, Leesburg, Reston and Vienna.

We’ve provided downloadable information on our humidifiers below:

Honeywell Humidifier