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Trane Furnace

Are some of your rooms too warm and some rooms too cold? Is humidity a problem at your home? Does it feel like your furnace is constantly working and do high gas bills sound familiar?

AbleAir-1 would like a chance to send one of our professionals to your residence with no obligation to you, to show how you can overcome the above problems with the new High efficient, multi stage and variable speed furnace. Afterwards, we will make a recommendation on which system is right for you and your family’s comfort needs.

Below are some common terms relevant to fossil fuel operating equipment.
AFUE (Annual fuel utilization efficiency) is used to measure a furnace's heating efficiency; it refers only to the unit's fuel efficiency, not its electricity usage. It measures the amount of heat actually delivered to your house compared to the amount of fuel that must be supplied to the furnace. It measures the amount of heat actually delivered to your house compared to the amount of fuel that must be supplied to the furnace. This measurement basically shows you how much of the heat produced is used for heating the conditioned space and how much is lost through the chimney while the product of combustion is conveyed outside.

In other words, how much of each dollar's worth of fuel burned by your furnace actually goes towards heating your home. The higher the AFUE rating, the higher the efficiency. For example, a furnace that has an 80% AFUE rating converts 80% of the supplied fuel to heat -- the other 20% is lost out of the chimney.

With today’s more advanced technology, furnaces are available as high as 96% and include many other advance features including safeties, variable speed motors, staged gas controls and so much more.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) determined that all furnaces sold in the US must have a minimum AFUE of 78%, beginning January 1, 1992.


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